Soohwan Kim :
Visual Art

기암괴석 Bizarre Rocks, 2019
Digital Print, Unlimited size

탑 Pagoda, 2019
polypropylene string, wood, 230x230x700cm

World Now, 2019
ink on paper, 21x28.8cm
(for Faber-Castell Art Book : Talk and Draw)

The Birth of DickBoy, 2018
(Showcase, Gunpo Culture & Art Center)

To Home, 2018
3D Graphic, Slide Show

Red, 2016
single channel video, 52sec

Pagoda, 2015
(work in progress, 5min 36sec)

Pagoda, 2015
polypropylene string, wood, 300x300x700cm

Pagoda, 2015
selected work from 2003 to 2015, 248x163x503cm 

The Despair of DickBoy, 2015
single channel video, 6min 12sec
(Trailer Ver.)

Red Room, 2014
digital print, pen on paper, 30x21cm

The Birth of DickBoy, 2013
(Short Novel)

Family, 2013
single channel video, 1min 32sec

The DickBoy and Metamorphosises, 2013
single channel video, 3min 3sec

Family, 2013
drawing, light, plastic tape, polystyrene, acrylic, variable dimension

Deva of Desire, 2013
paint on waste-vinyl, 300x560cm

Tramps, 2013
single channel video, 52sec

Soul Totem, 2012-2017
acrylic on polystyrene

My Home Sweet Home, 2012
sound 4’45”, star-light(bulb), acrylic on polystyrene and waste-vinyl, 245x520cm

Hero of Desire, 2012
single channel video, 3min 7sec

Hero of Desire, 2012
acrylic on polystyrene and  paper, variable dimension

The daddy who becomes a truck, 2011
ink, acrylic on paper, bulb, LED, styrofoam, 340x130x210cm

The uncle who becomes a cargo ship, 2011
ink, acrylic on paper, bulb, styrofoam, 270x100x230cm

Parasite Monster(Left), 2011
acrylic on paper, styrofoam, 200x130cm 

My arm becomes iron(Right), 2011
acrylic on paper, styrofoam, 120x870mm

Dumpling Mom(Left), 2011
ink, acrylic on paper, styrofoam, 97x136cm

My arm becomes iron(Right), 2011
pen on paper, 29x42cm

Randomday Something, 2009
ink, pencil, acrylic on paper, (from183cm to 244cm)x160cm

Twinkle(left), 2009
useless materials, star-light(bulb), 92x59x28cm

NOGADA Man(right), 2009
useless materials, 220x135cm

useless materials, bulb, briquette, acrylic, 370x300x240cm

SINO, 2008
useless wood, 30x30x156cm

Toy SINO, 2007
acrylic on the form(for a casting architecture), 300x600cm

SKY SINO, 2007
acrylic on SINO, digital print, 30x10x50cm

Capsule SINO Machine, 2007

SINO House, 2007
SINO, galvanized steel sheet, wood, 350x320x315cm 

NOGADA, 2008
pen on paper, 46x22cm

Untitle, 2007
charcoal, acrylic on canvas, 60x72cm

Artbook NOGADA, 2006
mix media, 19x21x4cm, 34page

Summer, 2006
acrylic on wood board, 64x27cm

NOGADA, 2006
wood, polystyrene, acrylic, gloves, 12x5.7x4cm

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